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Company News

Shaft Furnace Producing Assembly Line of Lubao Copper Industry Co.Ltd is Put Into Production Formally

Since founded,Lubao Copper Industry CO.ltd actively respond to the Goverment call of Further strengthen and expansion, continually expand the scale of production ,effort to boost improve the productivity. Early March ,with the launch successfully of the national advanced shaft furnace production line,Lubao Copper Industry Co.ltd improve productivity and production capacity greatly.The production will reach more than 7000 tons per month ,CNY5.4 billion per year.

Presently,the company's work is moving in a capable, orderly, and effective way; Main products ,¢8(mm)copper rod,¢3(mm)copper wire are used widely in national electric wire and electric cable industry and enterprises.

  Power Cable
  Aerial Insulated Cable
  Bare Conductors
  Mine Cable & Rubber Cable
  Control Cable
  Special Cable
  Railway Cable


  Ministry of Commerce of PRC
  Industry & Commerce Bank of China
  Entry-Exit Inspection &Quarantine
  Chinese Non-ferrous Metal Market
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