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Honor & Qualifications  
Honor & Qualifications

Business License for an Enterprice as Legal Person

Organization Code Certificate

China National Industrial Product Manufacture License

Registration Form of Foreign Trade

Certificate for China Compulsory Product Certification(CCC)

GB/T28001-2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate

ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certificate

ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate

GOST Product Certificate (Part 1)

GOST Product Certificate for Flame-Retardant and Fire-Proof(Fire-resistant)

Adopting International Standard Product Marking Certificate

Safety Certificate of Approval for Mining Products

ICBC Enterprise Credit AAA Grade Certificate

National Notified Enterprise for Abiding by the Contract and Keeping the Promise

Certificate of Conformity for Measurement Management Systems

Anhui Provincal Famous Brand Certificate

"LUBAO" China Well-known Trademark

Certificate for Product Excemption from Quality Surveillance Inspection

Certificate of EC Conformity

China Electric Wire & Electric Cable Top 20” and "China Machniery Top 500"

  Power Cable
  Aerial Insulated Cable
  Bare Conductors
  Mine Cable & Rubber Cable
  Control Cable
  Special Cable
  Railway Cable


  Ministry of Commerce of PRC
  Industry & Commerce Bank of China
  Entry-Exit Inspection &Quarantine
  Chinese Non-ferrous Metal Market

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